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Junglee is India’s largest online shopping service for finding the best bargains on the widest range of products across multiple online stores and retailers.

It’s a one stop shop, for finding the best of the best deals on huge collection of products, ranging from clothes, shoes, watches, online phones, electronics, personal computers, food items, vehicles, and lot more offered by multiple online stores. One can visit Junglee for sarees buy online, shop mobile online, buy furniture online.

Junglee coupons can be redeemed to avail attractive discounts and bargains. Junglee also offers a marketplace for used items. It can also be accessed via the mobile app where many promotional code discounts can be enjoyed.

Through Junglee customers can browse through millions of products, choose the product and price they like, and then be directed to the seller who is selling that particular product.

Amazon acquired Junglee in 1998, and Junglee.com was launched in India in February 2012.

Junglee means ‘of the jungle’, thus Junglee offers the shoppers to navigate the jungle of products, brands, sellers and shipping options, and make informed purchase decisions. Junglee.com is India’s number one search and comparison site for shoppers.

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