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Nokia proudly celebrate 15 years of the 3310, the indestructible phone on the market.

It has been more than 15 years since Nokia launched 3310 and hardly a day passes when we don’t talk about it a week-long battery life.

The most popular Nokia model, the 3310, has become the manufacturer’s flagship mobile phone. With its conventional monochrome screen and Snake II, the phone belongs to the phone hall of fame. No, it is not because of its features rather its reputation of being the indestructible phone and a battery that lasted for almost a week. The phone can withstand a fall even from the third floor. On the 15th birthday of Nokia 3310, many people tool to social media to express their thoughts about this amazing phone. While on this occasion there were some mimes too making the rounds, and they are hilarious. Some of them are:

-          Vibrates in your pocket. Breaks your leg.

-          Says that battery is low. Runs for 24 more hours.

-          Chuck Norris uses this phone.

-          Someone dropped their Nokia 3310. (With an image of a huge hole in the ground)

Nokia: Founded in 1865, Nokia is Finnish multinational communications and IT Company. At present, we serve customers in over 100 countries across the world and going strong.


Nokia excels in the production of smartphones such as Nokia xl, Nokia x, Nokia Lumia etc.


Nokia has also brought number of mobiles in the market in the name of Nokia Asha. Nokia mobile phones and software’s are available at its priority stores which can easily be located through store locator on its own site or

Nokia PC Suite is software launched by Nokia which is of great use if you are connecting your phone to your PC.

Nokia eventually entered into a pact with Microsoft to exclusively use its Windows Phone platform on future smartphones.

Nokia was established by  Fredrik Idestam in 1865 and incorporated in Nokia in 1871.

Nokia employed 61,656 people across 120 countries and conducts sales in more than 150 countries.

With the Mission of connecting people Nokia chose Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform that has deeply integrated features that covesr not just Facebook, but Twitter and LinkedIn as well. 

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